Cupsfrom expandable polystyrene

Solvita Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of disposable expandable polystyrene cups in Bulgaria. Since 2006, we have been providing a quality and innovative solution for the food industry, catering, supermarkets, hypermarkets, coffee shops and fast food.

Basic principles are to demonstrate entrepreneurship and innovative thinking – key factors for the success of our company. Rapid reaction, discipline, team spirit, initiative – these are the milestones for our prosperity building.

Expandable polystyrene cups (EPS)

Cupsfrom expandable polystyrene (EPS)



Expandable polystyrene cups are a hygienic and practical means of enjoying your favourite drink. They offer the convenience of your coffee, cappuccino, tea, hot soup or chocolate to be warm for a long time, as well as your smoothie, milkshakes or ice cream – cold as you consume them.

These cups are the best thermal insulator which keeps the temperature of your favourite drink without burning your fingers or getting them frozen. Through a high-quality and environmentally compatible production process, we maintain the highest standard.

Our goal is to provide a high quality product and the best service to our customers. We are flexible in handling your order, taking into account the specifics of your request. We strive to respond to your requirements as far as the requested quantity and the terms of production and delivery are concerned.

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What are disposable cups of expandable polystyrene?

Disposable cups of expandable polystyrene


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